Rock Hill Works is a privately held corporation, completely owned by two shareholders, Ann Bagnell and Sophie Socha, who are the founding partners of Bagnell & Socha and the chief officers of Rock Hill Works (content development and book packaging services).

The home office is a stone milking barn from the late 1700s, located by the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, between New York City and Philadelphia.

Ann Bagnell
Voice: 610-304-6047
Fax: 610-438-5116
E-mail: ann@rockhillworks.com

Sophie Socha
Managing Partner
Voice: 610-667-7431
Fax: 610-667-2691
E-mail: ssocha@rockhillworks.com

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635 Royal Manor Road, Easton, PA 18042
Phone: 610-667-7431
Fax: 610-667-2691

Last updated: January 2010